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Jay Rossi

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Jay Rossi

Jay has lived or visited just about everywhere! He grew up in Western New York, did middle school in Memphis, and spent his formative years in New Jersey. While living in Colorado, he has covered a lot of ground throughout this state as well as Wyoming. Going forward he dreams of spending a month-long vacation in the Alaskan wilderness, bush plane style.

Other than travel, Jay also loves to compete! He completed 2 Tough Mudders and a Spartan Race after the age of 45. He also went canoeing on 75 miles of the Buffalo River in Arkansas when he was 12 years old. Through these amazing achievements, he has come to believe that anything a person puts their mind to they can accomplish. 

Because he is such an avid outdoorsman, being in the outdoors is his happy place! He tries to spend as much time as he can connecting with nature, whether it is ice fishing, hunting, backpacking, or camping. If he’s not helping people achieve their goals in real estate or somewhere outside, on a typical Saturday you will find him indulging in his favorite book on economics, jamming out to his favorite band, Ween, or catching a baseball game.

Before becoming an agent, Jay was a real estate appraiser for 13 years. During his time as an appraiser, he was active in training local credit unions in how to identify inaccuracies and fraud in appraisals. He actually testified before the Colorado State Senate on the implementation of the Home Valuation Code of Conduct and the subsequent Dodd Frank Act and was a member of the Colorado Division of Real Estate Appraisal Management Company Task Force. Throughout his work experience, he has received multiple awards at previous brokerages for both sales production as well as collaborative efforts in helping other agents elevate their knowledge on the valuation of properties. He has also given presentations and has been an invited panelist and speaker with the Credit Union Real Estate Network and the Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association.

As an agent, his superpower is understanding the function of the market at a granular level and having an in-depth understanding of how the back end of the appraisal process works which has helped him get transactions back on track after they've gone off the rails due to appraisal issues.

His mother is his greatest inspiration in life. He hasn't met any person who has dealt with as much adversity in their life and who has handled it with such a positive attitude. Another huge inspiration to Jay is his wife because she is the most patient and strong person he’s met, as she has overcome many, many obstacles with grace and strength. Jay is most proud of giving his son the gift of outdoorsmanship which has led him to a life of service. His vast knowledge of real estate and years spent as an appraiser being a primary reason for this, is also something that brings Jay a lot of gratification. This allows him the ability to elevate real estate knowledge of the agents he works with, as well as his clients, and help them gain a better understanding of the way the market functions.

Jay has the most amazing ability to find a common thread with just about anyone. He enjoys meeting new people and learning about their stories, where they're from, what their life has been like. He is known for being an empathetic person and feels that his connections with people are one of the most valuable things he gets to experience in life. Seeing the whole picture and being able to approach problems by looking at every angle comes very naturally to him.

Advice Jay Gives His Clients: There is no problem that can't be solved. There is no such thing as a real estate emergency. You are unlikely to meet a person who has wealth who owns only one property. There is no asset that has outperformed real estate over time.

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